Neck & Cervical Fractures improved in
32 Days!

Kent fell off his roof on December 17, 2018 which was 21 feet to the ground, and landed on his head and back. Kent had to be airlifted to Sarasota Memorial Hospital and was released the next day. Kent sustained 9 compression fractures to 9 different vertebrae along with a lightly separated sternum. Kent was 90% improved using PEMF consistently. Watch his dramatic recovery!

Luxating Patella & ACL Tear Improved with Dog Supplement & PEMF

In this video Avery talks about 4.5 Year Old Punkie's Luxating Patella and ACL Tear. Punkie suffered and injury at the dog park roughly eight months ago. The diagnosis was a Luxating Patella and "possible" ACL Tear. The only option given was anti-inflammatory meds and this would be an issue for the rest of Punkie's life, ultimately leading to surgery. Two months later Punkie has more strength, runs pain free and can move laterally, mood is more balanced, and fur is softer. Watch Punkie's amazing recovery using PEMF!

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